Advertiser Agreement

Once you have added funds to purchase balance you can't withdraw that funds.
We have the right to edit the campaign.
You are not allowed to advertise Adult Content, Drugs, Tobacco Sales, Discriminatory Practice, Hate or Violence, Weapon Sales, Pharmaceutical Sales, Illegal Downloads.
if a site is violating these rules your account will be deleted and no refund will be given.

Publisher Agreement

You can only have one account.
Any attempt to open more than one account will result in the closure of all accounts.
You can add only active sites.
If your sites have any illegal data, it will be rejected.
Must be placed in the user-visible area.
Must not overuse pop-up ads, redirects etc...
This also applies to your payment accounts which must be unique and not be shared with another user.
When requesting payment, you must send us a valid payment address, otherwise no payment will be received.
Registration with a so-called disposable address is not allowed (Mail.com, Yandex, yopmail, gmx, AOL Mail, Tutanota, Fastmail, hotmailpro).
If a site is violating these rules your account will be deleted and no refund will be given. If the bulk of your income comes from offers, you can only claim a paid payment the month following the verification of our provider, it may take more than a month than the provider.

Represent our company

You are not authorized to send unsolicited messages or to compel anyone, by any other means, to use our service by any means other than the one provided.
We will carry out verifications of incidents which, if found, will result in the closure of your account.

Fraud prevention

Any hacking attempt, by any means, will be logged in our system.
Sometimes we'll let you know, sometimes we won't. In any event, when you request payment, our control system will analyze your activities and take appropriate action.
If you used our system to fill offerwall offers with several different ip in order to make the same offer several times, this is not allowed.
In general, any attempt will result in the account being closed.


You must not use the website with fraudulent, abusive, or illegal activity. (including VPN / Proxy for completing offers, using vulnerability scanners on website)


You can only view ads from the same IP address in a 24 hour period.
However, you can use different IP addresses to log in.
Any attempt to circumvent this rule may result in your account being closed.
You are not allowed to connect by proxy or network share (such as, but not limited to, educational establishments, networked gaming rooms, internet cafes, etc.)


We accept all forms of advertising except pages that prevent navigation in a frame, contain malicious code, redirect to another page, display adult or illegal content.
In addition, any advertising using the name of the site for any service unrelated to its activity is prohibited. Your webpage ad should load in 10 seconds, the progress bar counting the ad period will start at this point.
your web page you are advertising for must be able to withstand multiple visits per second.

Clicks on OfferWall

We have put at your disposal other offerwalls on our site n here are our rules:
- It is forbidden to use more than one ip per day to make an offer.
- It is forbidden to use a proxy or other form to make an offer.
- The information given must be correct (Name, First name, Address, etc.)
- You cannot request payment after completing your offers, you have to wait 24 hours for the offerwall system to validate or refuse your request
Any breach of these rules will result in the deletion of your account and the cancellation of your winnings.

CPC Editor

- You must be the owner of the site.
- Your site must respect French law (forbidden link: Pornography, incitement to hatred, racism, illegal downloads, streaming).
- Sites without content will be refused.
- Social type sites (Facebook, Twiter, etc. .. are not allowed)
- Search engines Type google yahoo etc .. are not allowed
- Autosurf * PTP * or page protions or the same type are prohibited.
- Under no circumstances should you modify the html and script codes provided.
- If you do not respect its rules it will result in the deletion of the account without prehaviour.
* autosurf and PTP and ptc are allowed as long as you don't put our timer tags or clicks in a surf page or promotion.

Change of terms

We reserve the right to change our Terms of Service at any time with or without notice to our users.
Although we will try to inform our users of every change we make, we are not obligated in any way to provide this information.
It is your responsibility to keep yourself informed of our terms of use.

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