Integration Postback On KING-PTCS
Integration Postback On KING-PTCS
Integrate KING-PTCS and add value to your websites, and offer limitless ads to your users.
Download the near-set module for free for the following scripts
iFrame Setup

Simply replace [API] with your API key found at My Sites page, and [USER-NAME] with the username of the user.
POSTback Values
Whenever a user clicks an ad successfully, we'll send few values to your API handler asking it to handle the user payments. We'll send the following details:

$_POST['u'] The username of the user who needs to be credited.
$_POST['pwd'] Your password used for authentication.
$_POST['a'] Amount to be credited (would be like this 0.0001).
$_POST['cid'] The ID of the campaign which user clicked.
$_POST['cname'] The ID of the campaign which user clicked.
Sample POSTback API Handler

$secret_password = 'XYZThisIsMyPwd';  // password demo
$pwd = $_POST['pwd'];
$amount = $_POST['a'];
$user = $_POST['u'];
$campaign_id = $_POST['cid'];
$ad_name = $_POST['cname'];

if($password == $secret_password) {
// Simply credit cash to the user, sample query down
mysqli_query("UPDATE users SET balance = balance + '$amount' WHERE user_name = '$user'");	

echo "Done, credited.";	
} else {
	echo "Invalid password.";


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