Our F.A.Q will be completed as and when your questions.

- Can we create multiple accounts?
No, it is forbidden to create several accounts (Meme Name - Meme ip - Meme Email).

- Can I register several sites on the same account?
(We will let you know if our intention is to change this Agreement.).

- Can we register regardless of the country where we live?
Yes We allow all Countries
(We will let you know if our intention is to change this Agreement.).

- Can we get paid by other means than Paypal?
But you must choose from one of the payment methods available to you.

- Can we install the offerswall on other things than EvolutionScript, Aurora, Cashcrusader?
Yes but no support could be given to you used
Example of the POSTback API Handler to help you.

- Why did I request payment but did not receive anything?
The request system and manual, wait for an administrator to verify,
Generally payments are made within 24 hours
If your payment has not been made within 15 days contact us via the contact form (Attention to Holidays and Holidays payments will be pending last this time)

- I made a second payment request but why did I not get paid?
Payment is made in principle in one go, and once a month for each member, if you request a payment on the 1st of the month, you must wait until the 1st of the following month to reapply.

- But clique is not counted why?
Your site may be misconfigured check that the end of the timer this silk write
(visit validate)
or the message you indicated in your postback file, otherwise there is a problem in your configuration.

- I made a payment request after making offerswall offers but why its still pending?
Offerwall offers are service providers, following numerous frauds we have changed our payment policy on this subject, so we are waiting for this provider to validate your earnings to make your payment, but if you have defrauded your account will be deleted without notice. on our side.

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