Frequently Asked Questions

What is KING-PTCS and how can I earn here ?
KING-PTCS is Industry's Leading Affiliate Marketing and Performance Marketing Network. We work and operate in such manner that we are always #1 Choice for our Advertisers and Publishers. We always focus to pay our Affiliates the highest rates on our offers as compared to other networks so that our publisher can maximize their revenue. Publishers can Maximize their profit from their web and mobile traffic with our highest paying and top converting offers.

What are the requirements for becoming an affiliate at KING-PTCS ?
To become an affiliate at KING-PTCS you should own a GPT website or a Affiliate Network Website. We do not accept publishers who do not have a website or who use other promotional methods.

Is there any charge for Joining KING-PTCS ?
No. There is no charge for joining KING-PTCS. It's free and always will be.

How long does it take to get my Application Approved ?
It may take upto 72 hours to get your application approved.

How and when do I get Paid ?
All payouts are mostly released between NET-30 and NET-45 basis. We Pay via PayPal, Payza and Bank Transfer depending upon availability of these payment processors for your country.

Is there any document required to be submitted before getting Paid ?
Currently No. But in case of any suspicious activity or if required by any law, you must submit the asked documents before getting time or at any time if required.

What is the minimum amount that I need to Earn before getting Paid ?
Your payment will be automatically withdrawn on the last date of month if it is more than $50. If you balance is less than $50 it will be rolled over in next month.