Do you have a website? Can not find an advertiser?
We are made for you!

Installed our module on your site, then set the commission percentage, and here is nothing else business, its not beautiful?
It's us who are responsible for finding advertisers, and its you via your members, visitors or yourself that generated clicks.
Past simply reaped your winnings when the payout and reached Nothing more simple!

Our module works on Aurora, cashcrusader, EvolutionScript, Gen4, GemScript, PTCShop, Creadunet and other script.

Our statistics
  • Pay : 101.88 €
  • PTP rate: 0.0001€ / 1000 Views
  • CPM rate: 0.001€ / 1000 Views
   Registered sites: 15   Waiting sites: 0   Members: 136   Euro in account: 50.45432 €   Payment pending: 0

Your traffic increases As soon as you start using our services.
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  • Simple integration
  • Weekly payment - Min.
  • Administrative support 24/7.
  • More Earnings with PTCWALL
  • Payout 1.5€

You can advertise your website
to increase the traffic of your site.
Add your site to our network, and increase your user's business as well as earnings.
  • 24hr Unique IP Click
  • Geographical targeting is FREE
  • 100% fraud prevention
  • Earn free advertising
  • French Administration

Here is the latest CashOut live and updated

ID: helibebeze Amount: 1.95€ Date 2019-05-18         ID: helibebeze Amount: 1.99€ Date 2019-05-18         ID: ronni Amount: 3.53€ Date 2019-05-11         ID: DealerDeKebab Amount: 1.84€ Date 2019-05-10         ID: dreams Amount: 1.72€ Date 2019-05-01        

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If you have reached the minimum threshold, you can ask to have your money paid back by PayPal. Payments are sent monthly.

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We have an offerWall Installed our module on your site and generated gains.


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